2014 Beats By Dre Cyber Monday Hot Sale

A series of Headset launched magic sound at last year's Siav exhibition has become the trend in 2010 Headset favorite single product, monster company founded by Mr. Li Meisheng in 1979, is committed to using the magic sound Line Material Company brand influence, making "let the music Headset products more beautiful". Today, the magic sound company Black Friday 2014 Beats By Dre has been growing and diversified development, has become not only solve the high performance audio, car audio, video, leading computer, consoles and computer games connectivity manufacturer on the world, or from iPod and iPhone, the pioneer of professional audio and sound reinforcement equipment accessories in the field. As the promotion of music listening experience commitment, monster company and Dr. Dre, and Jimmy Interscope Geffen A&M President Lovine to create Beats by Dr. Dre Headset series, and the design of Heartbeats series Headset exclusive to Lady Gaga. Then, make persistent efforts and magic sound company, launched the monster Headset brand series, including the first for music and audio fancier used in ear Headset Turbine Pro In-Ear Speakers. In addition, the magic sound company under the Monster Power brand group, or high performance audio and video system of AC power line regulation and protection products leading manufacturers. Beats Pro structure is accurate, durable, using the world's leading headphones manufacturing technology,Black Friday 2014 Beats By Dre Sale excellent sound insulation effect on the headset kanchengdiyi. The use of Beats Pro for the studio and the studio, but also enjoy the ideal choice for home theater music, especially for music fans, who specialized in music music producers and musicians 2014 Beats By Dre Cyber Monday Sale. Beats Pro adopts the most advanced audio technology, to deliver the most accurate sound, unparalleled listening experience for fashion people. In addition, Beats Pro excellent sound insulation technology, even in noisy noisy environment,2014 Beats By Dre Cyber Monday Sale also can clearly distinguish each note, as if place oneself professional recording studio, really appreciate the magic sound "make the music more beautiful" brand philosophy. Innovation technology of Beats Pro, not only reflected in the precise tone, excellent sound insulation effect, also includes an anti windup function of earphone line. Beats Pro headset line developed in fully tiled line is 7 feet long (about 213.36 centimeters),Beats By Dre Cyber Monday 2014 Sale ear wire winding part is only 4 inches (about 10.16 cm),Black Friday 2014 Beats By Dre different from other professional headset fully wrapped the ear line, allowing you to use lighter and more convenient. In addition, Beats Pro two ear cup can rotate flexibly,Beats By Dre Cyber Monday 2014 Sale especially for professional DJ, can flip side of the headphones, in DJing at the same time,Black Friday 2014 Beats By Dre Sale any insight into the surrounding atmosphere and environment. This design also allows Beats Pro folded, convenient to carry.